How to Get More Patients with Stronger Digital Infrastructure

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Are you a medical practice struggling to keep up with patient needs in an increasingly digital environment? Are you seeking an easier, more efficient way to get more patients through your doors?

The good news is that finding success in the current healthcare landscape doesn’t have to be difficult – technology has made tremendous advances and opportunities available for organizations who are willing to take advantage.

Leveraging a stronger digital infrastructure can provide a number of benefits for your practice, from enhancing patient experience and engagement, to increasing provider visibility and attracting new patients.

Let’s examine some specific ways that digital technology can help you generate more visits from patients and increase the overall efficiency of your practice:

Allow Patients to Schedule Online

Many software solutions will allow your patients to schedule their appointments online via your website. Instead of having to wait on hold and speak to your staff on the phone, patients can instead select a time that works best for them and fill out all of the necessary information online.

This is not only convenient for patients, but also frees up your staff to focus on other tasks instead of having to manually create appointments over the phone.

Receive Online Referrals

If not managed properly, the referral process can become quite messy and lead to confusion and frustration for patients, staff and outside providers. Digital software that includes a feature for online referrals makes it easy for outside doctors to refer their patients to your practice.

Online referrals are great time-savers as opposed to the traditional system of exchanging phone calls between practices. Through the use of a secure online portal, referring doctors can easily refer their patients and provide the necessary data to your practice while staying in the loop throughout the whole process.

Spend More Time on Patient Care

Regardless of what kind of medical practice you are operating, the ultimate goal is always to create the best possible outcomes for your patients. In order to achieve this, staff need to be able to spend the appropriate amount of time with patients, making sure that they are doing everything they can to care for them and their needs.

Digital solutions in your practice take away the need for your staff to spend unnecessary hours on paperwork, phone calls and other laborious administrative tasks. This way, they can spend time on what matters the most.

Collect Feedback from Patients Quickly

The best way to continually improve your practice is to receive and implement solutions based on patient feedback. While online reviews are certainly helpful, many patients won’t leave a review unless directly prompted. Luckily, a digital solution exists that will text patients after their visit asking them to provide feedback. This helps you understand what your practice is doing well and what can be improved upon.

Meet Patients Where They Are (Mobile Devices)

Digital solutions allow you to connect with patients from anywhere via their mobile device. This way, you can meet with a patient virtually and even prescribe them medications without them having to leave their house. Patients can also stay connected to your practice via SMS text reminders about appointments, medications and any important announcements related to your practice.

Cut Down Time in the Waiting Room

Now more than ever, germs are on the forefront of many patient’s minds when they are sitting in a crowded waiting room. To help cut down on the time spent in a waiting room, patients can wait in their car or any other comfortable location before they are seen. On top of that, patients can fill out intake forms in advance, reducing the need to enter your building until the doctor is ready for them.

Share Patient Charts Digitally in a Secure Environment

The best way to securely pass along patient information within your practice is not physically handing off charts, but rather sharing them digitally. Software solutions exist to store important records such as patient charts in one secure, digitized location. This makes it easier for staff to access records and ensures that they are kept in a safe and clutter-free space.

Get a Stronger Digital Infrastructure for Your Practice Today

From emergency departments to veterinary clinics, ER Express offers digital solutions designed to benefit the modern medical practice. With the right tools, your practice can improve efficiency and patient care while staying competitive in the modern healthcare landscape.

To learn more about our digital solutions, schedule a demo today:

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