Why ER Express?

From check in to discharge, our bespoke solutions are uniquely optimized for your specific needs, whether it’s EMR integration, white-labeled patient-facing tools, or our built-in tools for high and low acuity care.

How we’re different

onsite nurse training

We speak healthcare

The system should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why every implementation is customized to meet your needs and goals.

EMR integration? The answer is always yes

No matter what electronic medical record software you’re currently using, if you opt to integrate with our products, we’ll make it happen.
emr integration

Solutions for both high and low acuity care

Urgent cares, emergency departments and animal hospitals have very different needs. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each.

Marketing expertise & support

Implementing the software is half the battle. The other half? Getting patients in the door. We offer marketing support to help you reach, attract and retain patients.

marketing solutions

Meet our customers

See why hundreds of emergency departments, urgent cares, and animal hospitals choose ER Express to manage patient throughput, grow patient volume, increase operational efficiency and more. 

“ER Express gets the highest grade of all my cloud vendors in regards to response, time to resolution and explanation of issues…which rarely arise.”

Monte Johnson | VP of Medical Affairs
St. Francis / Allina Health

How we compare

We offer intuitive features and helpful tools where others fall short.




Mobile-friendly platform

Wait time increase alerts

Options for EMR integration

Ability to manage high acuity patients

Comprehensive queuing solution

Complimentary online patient referral system

Marketing support package

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