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Why ER Express?

Four reasons the best health systems choose ER Express:

  • Custom fit implementation
  • Optional EMR integration
  • High acuity and low acuity solutions
  • Turnkey marketing support

How we’re different

We speak healthcare

The system should work for you, not the other way around. That's why every implementation is customized to meet your needs and goals.

  • On-site training from people like you
    Receive best practices and support from nurse trainers and referral network experts who use our products in their own facilities.
  • Your suggestions turn into new features
    With upgrades every 7 - 10 days, we rapidly turn your requests into products that work better for you.
  • Your brand first
    By white-labeling our products, patients only see the brand they trust - yours. No "powered by" labels required.
EMR integration? The answer is always yes

No matter what electronic medical record software you’re currently using, if you opt to integrate with our products, we’ll make it happen.

  • Multi-option integration
    Choose between one-way or bi-directional integration to best suit your workflow.
  • Automatic data population
    Pre-arrive new patients or match up existing patients in your EMR based on data submitted via online reservations and completed sign-in forms.
  • Treatment time accuracy
    Based on your real-time census and throughput, accurate treatment times are posted automatically, giving patients up-to-date options.
Solutions for both high and low acuity care

Urgent cares and emergency departments have very different needs. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each.

  • High acuity referrals
    Accept high acuity patients into your ED with fewer phone calls while strengthening provider loyalty in lower acuity facilities.
  • Direct admits
    Avoid unnecessary ED workups while delivering high acuity patients to inpatient beds quickly.
  • Acuity safeguard
    Use our acuity filter to read patients' chief complaint and stop the process if they do not meet the criteria you have set for your facility.
  • Urgent care digital queuing
    Integrate all patients into a single queue to manage wait time expectations and automatically space out patient treatment times based on census and length of stay.
Marketing assistance at no cost

Implementing the software is half the battle. The other half? Getting patients in the door. Our complementary marketing support helps you reach, attract and retain patients.

  • Customized marketing plans
    Whether you have your own marketing department or need all the help you can get, we can work with you to create an on-brand campaign.
  • Best practices, tools & resources
    We share our digital and traditional marketing samples, templates, wireframes - anything you need to get the word out.
  • We'll fund your Google Ads campaign
    Attract new patients with the added differentiator of online check-in. We'll help you create an effective PPC strategy, then fund your campaign for 90 days.
“ER Express gets the highest grade of all my cloud vendors in regards to response, time to resolution and explanation of issues…which rarely arise.”
Nigel Jude | Director of Information Technology
CareWell Urgent Care

How we compare

We offer intuitive features and helpful tools where others fall short.
Mobile-friendly platform
Wait time increase alerts
Options for EMR integration
Ability to manage high acuity patients
Comprehensive queuing solution
On-site staff training by practicing clinicians
Complementary online patient referral system
Marketing support package included
Online Check-in 100% white-labeled
Online Check-in HIPAA-compliant
Online Check-in No patient log-in required
Online Check-in Optional EMR integration
Online Check-in 100% cloud-based
Online Check-in Flat monthly fee
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