Online check-in & digital referral tools

Create convenient, wait-time reducing, communication-enhancing points of access for both low-acuity and high-acuity patients using our online check-in and digital patient referral tools.

Redirect low-acuity volume to less busy times

Using our online check-in tool, block off times when the ED is most busy, while opening up slots when you have more capacity to handle lower-acuity patients. They can then get in line online and wait remotely, de-congesting the waiting room and creating a better patient experience overall.

Expedite care for higher-acuity referral patients

Streamline communication and coordination between referring provider offices and the emergency department by using ER Passport, a secure, web-based patient referral system. No more phone calls, just a simple and secure online former providers to fill out and submit so your staff has the patient’s details on-hand in our queue manager.

Keep patients and referring providers in the loop

Send automated texts to online check-in patients through every step of their visit. Afterwards grab their feedback with a quick automated follow-up text survey and encourage them to write your ED an online review. For referring providers, as soon as you disposition patients, they’ll receive an email with their patient’s disposition status.

Big wins for patients, staff, and referring providers

Improve communication

Make it easier for your referring partners to send patients over and preserve their information, while automating text communication to patients waiting from home.

Reduce phone calls & save time

Providers and ED staff spend less time on the phone when patients are referred online, while low acuity patients have the option to reduce their time spent in your lobby by waiting at home instead.

Improve access & attract new volume

Making it convenient for both patients and referring providers to access your ED via online tools, will help you stand out from the competition.

Improve patient experience

Online check-in and digital patient referrals add convenience, save time, and can reduce wait times – all perks that make your patients happier.

"ER Express is a remarkable product for any ED serious about advancing patient satisfaction and innovating their operations through technology."

Greg Jones | ED Patient Care Supervisor and Heart Safe Coordinator | St. Francis Regional Medical Center

Standout features

Create a better experience for patients, staff and referring providers

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