Veterinary Virtual Waiting


Make health care visits convenient and efficient for your pet owners and vet staff. Our Virtual Waiting Room platform lets pet owners schedule appointments, complete forms, and secure their place in line via mobile device and gives vet staff access to intake information right when they need it.

ezyVet Integration Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming integration with ezyVet! This powerful collaboration will streamline your practice management by seamlessly connecting ER Express’s online check-in and digital intake tools with ezyVet’s comprehensive veterinary software. Request a demo today to see how this integration will elevate your clinic’s efficiency and improve the overall experience for your staff and clients.

Create a Seamless Experience with a 3-in-1 Approach

Need a better way to consolidate communication, streamline your workflow, and manage expectations? By combining our online scheduling, mobile queuing, and digital intake services into one cohesive experience, we’re supporting veterinary clinics and animal health facilities in creating a more positive and efficient experience for both pet owners and vet staff.

Convenience for all types of care







How It Works



Book a visit time online

Pet owners can opt to save their spot in your virtual queue via a scheduling widget on your website and do their waiting from home. They will receive instructions on what to do when they arrive via text message.

Emily, when you arrive, please stay in your car and reply “1” to let us know you’ve arrived.

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Sign in via mobile device

On arrival, pet owners have the option to join your waitlist or queue by signing in on their phone from the car, parking lot, or lobby. This lets vet staff know they’ve arrived, and for walk-in pet owners, this is their entry into your queue as an estimated treatment time is automatically assigned. Auto text alerts are sent out letting pet owners know about their wait status.



Complete intake forms digitally

Once sign-in is complete, pet owners are prompted by a text link to complete your digitized, mobile-friendly registration, consent-to-treat, and other intake forms and submit from their phone while they wait. Vet staff then receive the forms ready for download and attached to each patient in the queue.

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The Benefits, Broken Down

Improve patient access

Allowing pet owners to check in, and complete intake from their phone gives pet owners a more convenient way to access healthcare

Attract new pet owners

Providing the tools pet owners want for safe, convenient access to healthcare turns first-time visitors into loyal pet owners

Increase efficiency

Automating the check-in process reduces phone calls and paperwork and streamlines communication with pet owners

Manage patient expectations

Keeping pet owners in the loop via automated SMS messages and gathering their feedback creates a happier patient experience

Reduce Vet staff workload

Self-service options that pet owners can do entirely on their phone means less time your vet staff spends on the phone

Optimize throughput

Our algorithm uses historical patient data and current throughput to calculate and assign accurate treatment times

Tools That Keep Your Vet Staff in Control

Virtual waitlist

Communicate with, view, and control the flow of both walk-in and online pet owners in one place

Intake forms

Download submitted PDF files of the digital forms pet owners complete on their phone

Patient notifications

Auto text pet owners ready-to-treat wait time delay, post-dispo survey, and customized messages

On-demand reporting

Access real-time, custom reports showcasing patient volume, visit types, feedback, ratings & more

Put Your Pet Owners and Vet Staff First

Learn more about how ER Express can support your veterinary practice, ER, lab, imaging, testing facility, pharmacy, animal health facility, or outpatient clinic through our veterinary virtual waiting tools.