Virtual waiting tools

Make access to care more convenient and efficient for your patients while saving time and reducing unnecessary contact for both staff and patients using our mobile-friendly online scheduling, automated queuing, and paperless registration tools.

Allow patients to get in line remotely

Offer patients the ability to save their spot in your virtual queue via a scheduling widget on your website and to do their waiting from home. Block off or open up time slots based on how busy your facility is and effectively direct patients to the facility with the most capacity to treat them. Not only does this save patients time and give them the convenience of choice, but it helps to reduce your wait times and decongests the waiting room.

Digitize registration, intake & consent forms

Reduce contact and increase efficiency by prompting patients to register via mobile intake forms while they wait. Customize forms to cover your needs including gathering insurance card and ID images and electronic signatures. On submission, forms are automatically sent straight to your staff.

Provide wait time transparency

Allow your walk-in patients to sign in remotely from their mobile phone or from your lobby via digital kiosk. Once in the queue, both walk-in and online check-in patients can now be texted with updates about their visit and their place in line through automated alerts and/or texts from your staff. Upon disposition, all patients receive a customized feedback survey with a prompt to review your practice online.

Big wins for patients and staff

Create a contactless experience

Give patients the safe and convenient experience they expect by allowing them to get in line from home, on-the-go, or from the parking lot to minimize exposure.

Manage patient expectations

Keep patients in the loop throughout their visit via automated SMS messages and one-way or two-way texts. Send a custom text survey after their visit to gather their feedback.


Automating the check-in and intake process reduces phone calls and paperwork, and streamlines communication with patients.

Improve patient experience

Virtual waiting and digital intake add convenience, save time, and shorten wait times – all perks that result in happier patients.

"We have used several different check in systems and none of them have had the responsiveness, ability to customize, and availability of the implementation staff, training staff, and follow up of ER Express."

Dr. Erik Soiferman | Founder & Owner | Liberty Urgent Care

Standout features

Create a better experience for patients and staff

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