Mobile check-in & digital intake tools

Help your staff and clients manage animal emergency hospital and veterinary clinic visits by providing convenient, time-saving digital check-in options and efficiency-boosting, mobile intake forms customized specifically for your practice and workflow.

Now integrated with ezyVet!

We are thrilled to announce that ER Express is now integrated with ezyVet! This powerful collaboration streamlines your practice management by seamlessly connecting ER Express’s online check-in and digital intake tools with ezyVet’s comprehensive veterinary software. Request a demo today to see how this integration will elevate your clinic’s efficiency and improve the overall experience for your staff and clients.

Let clients get in line remotely

Pet owners can check-in via mobile device, your website, or onsite kiosk to be added to your virtual queue. Give them the convenience of choosing to wait from home, the parking lot, or your lobby.

Keep clients in the loop with ease

While clients wait, keep them informed through every step of their visit via customized, automated SMS alerts and two-way texts from your staff. Grab their feedback afterwards with a quick automated follow-up text survey and encourage them to write your practice an online review.

Gather intake forms digitally

Increase efficiency and save your staff the headache of manual entry by prompting pet owners to register via mobile intake forms. Customize forms to cover your needs including gathering area of concern pictures, pet pictures for identification, and electronic signatures for consent. On submission, intake forms are automatically sent straight to your staff.

Want to see our software in action?

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Big wins for people and pets

Create a paperless experience

Move the check in and intake process to your clients’ phones for a more a convenient and accessible visit, while increasing efficiency.

Reduce phone calls & save time

Instead of being tied up on the phone or dealing with paperwork, free up your staff to focus on your clients and their pets.

Automate communication

Automatically send text updates to keep clients in the loop. Additionally, use built-in two-way texting to send individual SMS messages.

Improve client experience

Virtual waiting and digital intake add convenience, save time, and shorten wait times – all perks that make your clients happier.

Standout features

Create a better experience for clients and staff

Learn more about how ER Express can support your veterinary clinic or animal emergency hospital through our mobile check-in and digital intake tools.

Want to see our software in action?

Click the video below to view a quick product tour.