Intake Express

Intake Express is a contactless, mobile-first patient registration solution that allows patients to complete registration forms from their car or from home while they wait.

Reimagine Patient Intake

If your waiting room is now your parking lot, or you simply need a better way to do patient intake without exposing your staff, our digital patient intake service, Intake Express, is the perfect solution. Not only can patients get started on their registration forms ahead of time, but they can do it from a safe location – at home or in their car – via mobile-friendly digital forms. In turn, your staff can manage the intake process without having to leave their desk or handle paperwork, ID cards or insurance cards.

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Take the Hassle Out of Registration

Keep it contactless

With Intake Express, there’s no need for clipboards or kiosks. Your paper forms are converted to user-friendly digital forms and sent to patients’ personal mobile devices instead, giving them the safer, self-service option they want.

Reduce manual work, save time

Instead of deciphering poor handwriting and typing up, printing out, or scanning paperwork, IDs and insurance cards, free up your staff to focus on patient care and revenue generating activities.

Improve patient experience

With multiple patients able to fill out their forms simultaneously, lines and phone calls are greatly reduced and patients can be seen sooner. Staff are also able to devote more time to assisting those who need it.

How It Works

Thank you for checking in! Get a start on your registration forms: Click here


Wait from the car

Patients enter your virtual waiting room through self-scheduling on your website or by signing in via text from the parking lot. Now patients can wait from a safe distance, either from home or in the car.


Register on mobile device

They then fill out simple, intuitive digital forms on their phone with their information. Patients can also provide their insurance or ID card by taking a picture or uploading an image.


Sign and submit

When the forms are complete, all that’s needed is a digital signature. When the patient is finished, then your staff will receive PDFs of the forms ready for download in the platform.

Plays Well With Others

Pair with Walk-in Express, our digital patient queuing service which includes curbside queuing functionality for a streamlined experience that further promotes social distancing.

Useful Features

Easy access

Patients simply text a custom code to gain access to the forms.

No login required

No need to create an account means more patients will register digitally.


Digitize any intake form including registration, consent to treat, and release of information forms.

Electronic signatures

Need signatures but want to reduce contact? With the ability to sign electronically, it’s not a problem.

Insurance & ID upload

Update insurance and ID info without a scanner. It’s as simple as taking a mobile picture.

One-way texting

Along with auto-text updates, staff may send customized messaging to patients.

Go Contactless By Ditching the Paperwork

Learn more about how ER Express can support your urgent care, ER, lab, imaging, testing facility, pharmacy, telehealth, or outpatient clinic via paperless patient intake.