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Patients are happier in their living
room than in your waiting room.
Allow low-acuity patients to hold their spot in line online for their emergency room or urgent care visit using Check-in Express, a cloud-based tool that seamlessly integrates into your health system’s website.

How it works

Hold a spot in line
Patients select a preferred time and location for their visit to the ER or urgent care through your health system’s website.
Avoid the waiting room
Patients wait from the comfort of home and show up at their designated arrival time.
Have a better experience
Patients feel empowered and experience less anxiety associated with sitting in a crowded waiting room.

1 in 8 patients

come to our urgent care centers through the ER Express tool and a patient who checked in online is probably a customer we would not have without it.
Shaun Ginter
MBA, FACHE President & CEO   |   CareWell Urgent Care

What you get

Web Plug-in Pack
Web plug-in pack
Ensure a cohesive and intuitive online experience for your patients.
  • Custom web graphics
  • Dynamic book-now button
  • Mobile-ready online check-in form

Patient text messages
Keep in touch with patients after they check in with automated text alerts.
  • Provide confirmation of check-ins
  • Manage patient expectations
  • Offer easy navigation to your location via GPS
Patient Text Messages

Patient Surveys
Patient surveys
Automatically solicit feedback from patients post-discharge.
  • Customize survey questions
  • Deliver positive staff reinforcement
  • Monitor service quality; address issues in real-time

Queue manager
Your staff has easy access to a secure web-based control panel.
  • See incoming patient information
  • Control time slot availability
  • Run analytics and export patient data
Queue Manager
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Tangible results

95% Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction
95% Patient Satisfaction
More commercially insured patients
95% Patient Satisfaction
First-time patients
95% Patient Satisfaction
Check-in influenced arrival time

Increase patient satisfaction
Patients who use online check-in enjoy the convenience of scheduling their visit and avoiding the waiting room.
Stagger arrival times
Restrict check-ins during busier times to reduce surges. Shift volume to off-peak hours.
Attract new patients
Draw incremental volume. 36% of patients say online check-in influenced which provider they chose.
Improve door-to-bed times
77% of all online check-in patients have door-to-bed times of 20 minutes or less.
Drive conversion rates
Convert website visitors into patients. 48% of visitors complete online check-in.
Load balance patient flow
Draw patients to your locations with the most capacity in real-time.
Shorten wait times
Patients experience shorter wait times in your lobby when they can do more of their waiting at home.
Reduce LWBS
Facilities see a 33% reduction in LWBS shortly after launching online check-in.
Enrich payor mix
Online check-in attracts a tech-savvy demographic with busy lifestyles looking for convenience.
[A quarter are new patients, and those tech-savvy customers]...are generally more likely to have credit cards and good insurance...
It's been nothing but a benefit.”
Dr. Steve Edelstein
Assistant ER Director   |   Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
Online 								Check-in HIPAA-compliant
Online 								Check-in Custom implementation
Online 								Check-in No hardware to install
Online 								Check-in Cloud-based
Online 								Check-in Acuity-based safety filter
Online 								Check-in No software to install
green checkmark Mobile-friendly
green checkmark Simple 2-step workflow
green checkmark Private label
A more convenient experience that your patients & staff will love.