Online Check-in

Allow Pet Owners to Self-Schedule Remotely and Wait From Anywhere

Give your low-acuity clients the opportunity to save time, wait remotely, and schedule their visit for a time that works best for them by using Check-in Express, a cloud-based online check-in tool that seamlessly integrates into your health system’s website.

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How It Works


Hold a spot in line

Clients select a preferred time and location for their visit through your website.


Avoid the waiting room

Clients wait from the comfort of home and show up at their designated arrival time.


Have a better experience

With easier access and the convenience of remote waiting, pet owners have a more positive visit.

What You Get

Website Plug-in Pack

Create a convenient and engaging online experience for your clients through our easy and quick to implement veterinary online check-in tools.

Client Text Messages

Keep in touch and manage expectations for pet owners after they check in with automated and two-way text alerts.

Client Surveys

Automatically solicit feedback from pet owners post-discharge with a quick customizable text-based survey.

Queue Manager

Your vet staff has easy access to a secure web-based control panel to track and manage incoming client arrivals.

ER Express control panel

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Tangible results

95% patient satisfaction pie chart

Pet Owner satisfaction

33% more commercially insured patients pie chart

More commercially insured patients

35% first time patients pie chart

First-time pet owners

51% of patients arrival time was influenced by online check-in pie chart

Check-in influenced arrival time

Increase client satisfaction

Pet owners who use online check-in enjoy the convenience of scheduling their visit and avoiding the waiting room.

Stagger arrival times

Restrict check-ins during busier times to reduce surges. Shift volume to off-peak hours.

Attract new pet owners

Draw incremental volume. 36% of pet owners say online check-in influenced which provider they chose.

Improve door-to-bed times

77% of all online check-in pet owners have door-to-bed times of 20 minutes or less.

Drive conversion rates

Convert website visitors into clients. 48% of visitors complete online check-in.

Load balance client flow

Draw clients to your locations with the most capacity in real-time.

Shorten wait times

Pet owners experience shorter wait times in your lobby when they can do more of their waiting at home.

Reduce LWBS

Facilities see a 33% reduction in LWBS shortly after launching online check-in.

Enrich payor mix

Online check-in attracts a tech-savvy demographic with busy lifestyles looking for convenience.

"When people don’t feel good, they don’t want to sit around in a waiting room; it’s always more convenient to wait at home. So, [online check-in] is one of my favorite features...Again, [it's about] making it more accessible to consumers for when they need healthcare."

Lindsay Dossey

Director Marketing, Community Relations & Volunteer Services | Cullman Regional Medical Center

A more convenient experience that your pet owners & vet staff will love.