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Get equipped with intuitive, cloud-based tools designed to increase patient accessibility and convenience while easing communication and streamlining workflow for your veterinary practice.

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Promote convenience while increasing efficiency with our 3-in-1 platform

Create a better experience for your pet owners and vet staff with our completely automated queuing platform, combined with the efficiency of a paperless patient registration process that saves everyone time.

Elevate Your Veterinary Practice with Seamless Solutions

Supporting veterinary hospitals and clinics by incorporating our tailored platform into your daily operations. From streamlining emergency visits for pets to facilitating paperless medical records, our comprehensive system is designed to enhance the efficiency of veterinary practices. Prioritize the well-being of animals with tools that not only save time but also contribute to a stress-free experience for both pet owners and vet staff.


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No “powered by” label from us. Just a seamless client experience customized exclusively for your brand – the one your pet owners know and trust.

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We offer our marketing advice and best practices as part of your implementation package to help you reach, attract, and retain clients.

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With regular upgrades, we rapidly turn your requests into new features and products that work better for you and your client.

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“I am always looking for ways to make our ED and UC the very best and [ER Express] will definitely move us in that direction.”

Greg Jones

Patient Care ED Supervisor
St. Francis Regional Medical Center

“…this has been the most organized, thorough, and greatest experience I’ve ever had from an implementation with a vendor. The customer service from [ER Express] has been outstanding…”

Lindsey Dossey

Marketing Director
Cullman Regional Medical Center

We have been able to partner with customer support to update our ever evolving workflow in a collaborative manner. The software itself has changed for the better throughout our use over the past 3 years and the team is great about listening to suggestions for change.”

Claire Allen

Hospital Manager
Animal Emergency Hospital Grand Rapids