Walk-in Express

Provide wait time transparency and manage patient expectations while enabling staff to oversee all patients in one system that optimizes your waiting room patient flow automatically.

Automate the waiting room

For urgent care staff, letting patients know when they’ll be treated has often been a guessing game. With Walk-in Express you can take control of wait time uncertainty by using smart, digital tools that learn your current and historical patient flow and automatically assign accurate treatment times.

Low contact access

Ease patient

Give patients the convenient experience they expect by allowing them to get in line from home, on-the-go, or in your lobby, via their mobile device.

Manage patient expectations

Manage patient expectations

Keep patients in the loop throughout their visit via automated SMS messages. Send a custom text survey after their visit to gather their feedback.

optimize patient throughput

Optimize patient throughput

Digitize your patient queue. Our algorithm uses historical patient data and current throughput to calculate and assign accurate treatment times.

digital patient kiosk helps reduce staff workload

Reduce staff workload

Free up your staff by allowing patients to self check-in on arrival and keeping them informed via auto-texts and a digital lobby display.

Curbside queuing

Move your waiting room to the parking lot

Our digital queuing technology has gone mobile to support the socially distanced experience your patients and staff want. Now patients can get in line by texting a short code to gain access to a mobile-friendly, sign-in form and wait where they feel most comfortable such as from their car or home. Staff benefit from no longer being tied up on the phone or having to go out to the parking lot with the ability to open up text communication with patients via two-way texting and automated text alerts.

How it works


Patients sign in

All patients sign in upon arrival from their phone (or lobby kiosk) via a text link or QR code and are automatically added to your virtual waitlist.


Wait time anxiety is reduced

Patients receive automated text alerts with status updates to stay in the loop. A waiting room status monitor displays patients’ place in line, their projected treatment time, and any status updates.


Your reputation is improved

After their visit, patients can receive a quick text-based feedback survey to rate their experience.

"Our marketing team monitors online reviews closely. Your system has certainly had an impact on making sure our Google rating is 5-star."

Lindsey Dossey | VP of Marketing
Cullman Regional Urgent Care

Multiple touchpoints
One system

Paperless mobile sign-in

Digital queuing lobby options

Optional lobby components

Automated text communication

ER Express control panel

Staff-facing control panel

Looking to integrate?

Find out how we can integrate Walk-in Express with the EMR or practice management system your staff regularly uses.