The Complete Guide for Boosting Patient Engagement

As new digital technologies continue to innovate healthcare, engaging with patients beyond the physical office is an essential part of operating a successful medical practice. Whether this includes pre-appointment interaction, a remote appointment via telehealth, or follow-up communications once an appointment has finished, there are multiple practical options that providers can take.

Beyond offering more touchpoints to provide care, patient engagement can also improve satisfaction with your practice. This can lead to more new and returning business for your organization.

If you are seeking new ways that you can engage with patients outside of the office, this guide is for you. We are going to cover some essential tips that you can use to increase your interaction with patients and enhance their experience.

Start with a User-Friendly Website Design

Your website serves as the central foundation for all of your practice’s online business activity. When a potential patient is looking for a new provider, they often start with a search online.

A patient-centric website can help to move them toward requesting an appointment or booking a time with your practice more easily. You should also provide plenty of information that helps patients learn more about your staff, expertise, credentials, and the treatment services you offer.

Keep Patients in the Loop with Email Updates

Emails remain one of the most trusted digital communication methods when sent by a reliable brand that people trust. Create an email list that patients can sign up for online and in your office so that you can share with them interesting information, updates about your practice, and any timely advice such as signs of hypothermia when cold winter weather is approaching.

When creating an email list, keep in mind that obtaining patients’ consent is essential. Allow them to easily opt in by filling out a form online or signing up on a physical list in your office. You can also create a QR code that will allow them to instantly subscribe with their mobile devices.

Build Trust with Your Patients Through Great Content

There are two primary types of content marketing mediums that medical providers can capitalize on: text and video. Some channels like social media profiles allow you to share both, while platforms like YouTube are heavily invested in video content exclusively.

You can also use your website’s blog to provide long-form insight into certain topics that patients often ask you about. Share your expertise with them to help put their minds at ease while also building trust and credibility for your brand.

Provide Purposeful Automated Engagement

You do not have to manually engage with patients at every level. Automation can help to offload some of these tasks from your staff so that you can spend more time providing care.

For example, you can set up an email and SMS-based appointment reminder system. Alert patients to upcoming appointments and provide them a link to manage their visit by allowing them to confirm, cancel, or reschedule.

With automated points of engagement, patients will encounter your brand more frequently. This can also reduce the number of no-shows at your practice by reminding recipients to plan to visit your office that day or to call in for their telehealth appointment.

Encourage Communication with Your Patients

When a patient needs an answer to a medical question, they often start by calling their doctor or emailing them. As these messages arrive in your inbox, be sure to answer them in a timely manner. This will show that you are concerned about their wellbeing and want to provide the best quality of care possible.

Use Patient-Centric Software that Enhances Their Experience

Use a software solution that enables your patients to manage their own care with your organization. Look for one that has features such as online scheduling, digital check-in and telehealth connectivity, and a virtual intake portal that allows them to complete the necessary paperwork in advance of their scheduled time.

Elevate Patient Engagement to the Next Level with ER Express

At ER Express, we equip your medical organization with a suite of innovative software solutions to help you provide a better experience for your patients. From virtual waiting to online check-ins, digital intake, and more, you can create multiple touchpoints where patients can engage with your veterinarian practice, emergency department, or urgent care.

To learn more about how you can start increasing patient engagement, request a demo with us today.

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