Benefits of Cloud-Based Veterinary Software

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Are you looking to revitalize your veterinary practice through efficient record-keeping, streamlined workflows and higher-performing staff? The cloud is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many veterinarians due to its ability to streamline operational tasks, improve workflow management and integrate seamlessly with other digital applications, making it an ideal tool for any veterinarian’s office.

With this technology at your fingertips, you’ll have everything that you and your staff need centralized in one convenient location delivered directly from the web – from medical records access and patient histories tracking to appointment scheduling and billing capabilities.

Take a look below at how cloud-based veterinary software can improve your practice.

Convenience Benefits

Access All Necessary Systems and Documents Across Devices

Using a cloud-based software allows your staff to access any systems or documents they need from any connected device. This can include patient records, intake forms and a number of other records that need to be shared on a day-to-day basis. Having quick and easy access to whatever they need from any device grants your staff more time to care for patients.

Erase Paper Records from Your Operations

In the digital age, more and more businesses and medical practices are opting to move away from keeping paper records. Not only is this more friendly for the environment, but reducing paper records makes it easier for staff to safely and efficiently organize important documents.

Cloud-based veterinary software is able to completely digitize your practice’s records, reducing the need to keep any paper records around. This way, staff can easily find and store any necessary documents without having to sift through piles of physical paper.

Performance Benefits

Let Clients Get in Line Remotely

Since the pandemic, people have become more wary of the germs that can spread from sitting in a packed waiting room. Even in a veterinary practice, crowded waiting rooms can quickly become hotspots for germs and diseases to spread. Not to mention that sitting in a waiting room for a prolonged period of time with a restless pet is anything but pleasant.

Cloud-based software allows for clients to check-in and get in line remotely using their mobile device. Creating a contactless experience for your clients means less time spent in waiting rooms and ultimately, a more comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Digitally Collect Intake Forms

Instead of having clients sit in the waiting room and fill out intake forms upon arrival, cloud-based software lets pet owners complete these forms ahead of time from their mobile device or computer. This way, your staff can save time on having to manually enter the info from these forms and can instead have access to the necessary information in one digitized source.

These forms can also be customized to suit your practice’s needs and can include pet identification photos and electronic consent signatures.

Offer a Contactless Experience

As we mentioned above, people are more conscious than ever of the potential for diseases to be spread in crowded areas such as waiting rooms. Cloud-based software gives your practice the freedom to create an entirely contactless experience for your clients.

From checking-in to filling out forms to waiting from their desired location, nearly every step of the patient experience can be done safely and remotely. This in turn makes pet owners at your office feel more comfortable and more likely to return to your practice.

Automate Communication

Staying in touch with pet owners is one of the most important ways to keep them loyal to your practice. With cloud-based software, doing this is easier than ever.

Your staff can use the software to automate text messages to patients about important announcements surrounding your practice, appointment reminders or any other information to keep them in the loop. On top of that, the software’s built-in two-way texting allows clients to communicate via SMS as well. This way, your staff can save time on manually sending out text reminders and communication with patients is as seamless as it can be.

Get Cloud-Based Veterinary Software for Your Practice Today

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