How Veterinary Practice Management Improves Clinic Workflow

Veterinary practices are tasked with managing a large influx of patients on a daily basis. As pets and their owners are cycling in and out of the office, it can be easy to stick to current operational practices because they are known quantities. As the timeless adage states, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Today, we are not going to outline ways that you could be mismanaging your practice. Instead, with modern digital tools, there are many opportunities to continue enhancing, innovating, and improving upon the processes you currently have in place to further streamline your clinical workflow.

Veterinary practices and urgent cares serving human patients share similar management best practices for optimal operational efficiency. While you are providing care for pets, you are also serving the people who brought them to your office.

Keeping this in mind, there are some ways that you can integrate modern software solutions into how your veterinary practice is managed. This will enable you to provide a more complete experience to patients in new, engaging, and convenient ways that they expect from other organizations in the broader medical field.

Four Key Pillars of a Great Patient Experience for Veterinary Practices

1: Contactless Experience

Modern medical trends have created new patient preferences for contactless experiences. By spending less time in an enclosed space, you can limit your exposure to potential infections. It also allows patients to wait conveniently from their cars, which can prove especially relieving for owners of fussy pets that do not like to be around unfamiliar people or other animals.

2: Maximum Time with Patients

Rather than spending a significant percentage of business hours on administrative tasks, your staff can benefit more from spending time with your patients. This helps provide a more calming atmosphere and a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Instead of filing paperwork and spending long periods of time on the phone, you can give each pet and their owner more individualized attention during their visit.

3: Engaging Communication

With nearly everyone now conducting most of their daily communications with others through digital devices, many medical organizations are seeking new ways to engage with their patients through these channels. Using a practice management software solution, you can automate many of these communications to continue engaging with patients as well as provide two-way points of interaction.

4: Continuous Improvement

A fantastic patient experience is not built on a checklist. Once you have accomplished goals X, Y, and Z, that is just the foundation. Instead, an excellent patient experience is created by a daily commitment throughout your organization to continuously improve the in-office environment for pet owners.

With tools like virtual waiting, you can shorten wait times and save time spent in the waiting room, which are major starting points for creating a better visit at your practice. In turn, this can increase your reputation and help boost positive reviews online.

How to Integrate These Pillars Into Veterinary Practice Management

By incorporating modern practice management tools into your veterinary workflow, you can not only enhance the patient experience, but you can also offload many tedious administrative tasks from your staff. This also generates more value from their hours spent at your veterinary clinic, which can generate a better return on labor investments.

As a leader of a veterinary practice, ask one simple question: Am I getting more out of my payroll budget by having my staff spend more time with patients or by managing administrative tasks?

Thankfully, many basic and advanced administrative operations required to operate a veterinary practice can now be either completely or partially fulfilled with modern software tools. This creates a more seamless, objective workflow that can be more effectively managed.

In regards to the four pillars listed above, here are some ways that you can leverage modern veterinary practice management software to ensure that you are incorporating them into your organization’s operations.

First, look for a solution that allows your clients to complete the initial parts of their visit remotely. This can include virtual check-in, digitized intake paperwork, and online payment options. Your patients can now wait where their pets are most comfortable which can create a less stressful situation for everyone.

Second and third, look for a software system that allows your staff to automate many of the common administrative tasks that are part of their daily workflows. From digitizing appointment confirmations and scheduling to customer feedback surveys, and automated messaging, this can quickly convert hours once spent on these tasks into time that can be spent with more patients on a daily basis.

Lastly, a digital tool that provides real-time reports and analytics allows you to identify key performance metrics within your practice that can be used for more informed decision-making to continuously improve your patient experience. You can review metrics generated by both patients and staff activity to isolate opportunities to better serve your clients and develop a strategy to put them into practice.

Streamline Your Clinic Workflow with ER Express

As the leading innovator of veterinary practice management software solutions, our team at ER Express remains committed to helping veterinarians streamline their operations to improve workflows and patient experiences. To see our software in action, contact us today to request a demo.

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