How CareWell Urgent Care increased their patient volume by 200%

With mobile-optimized online scheduling and digital ad campaigns, patient volume rose 200%, with online reservations accounting for 45% of the increase.
17-campus urgent
care system
Massachusetts &
Rhode Island
CareWell wanted to attract and convert patients who search for urgent care options on their phone.
Patients needed a tangible reason to choose CareWell over a competing clinic with a convenience a big driver.
Patient visit volume doubled from 2015 to 2018. During this time, online bookings went from 10% to 24% of patient visits.


CareWell is an urgent care system with 17 clinics and counting in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While their reach is expansive, in 2015 they faced a very competitive market. For example, a Google search showed 17 competing urgent care clinics within five miles of its Cambridge, MA location. CareWell launched a growth strategy to expand its footprint and market share by adding more locations but needed a better way to stand out.


As CareWell executed a growth strategy that included adding more locations, it also needed to give patients a tangible reason to make CareWell their destination of choice. In 2015 they turned to ER Express because the online patient scheduling tool, Check-in Express, offered a great market differentiator as well as a more convenient way to access the urgent care.

Delivering on convenience

David Low, CareWell’s Director of Sales & Marketing, made online booking a key call to action for his digital campaigns. Letting patients choose their arrival time and skip the line delivered an experience more convenient than competing clinics where patients had to walk in and sit in the lobby.

Mobile-first access

All parts of CareWell’s website delivered a fast, mobile-friendly experience, including the online booking plug-in. Unlike other vendors, ER Express did not require a “powered by” label, nor did it redirect patients to a third party website — everything happened on the CareWell site, giving David complete control over the user experience.

Giving patients a choice

CareWell capitalized on its 17 locations — it gave patients more choices than all of its competitors. By showing the first available time for all 17 locations on a single page, patients could ‘comparison shop’ across all the urgent care clinics.

"Check-in Express helped us target patients who prized convenience and speed and gave them another tangible reason to choose us."
David Low | Director, Sales & Marketing


Rise in volume
from 2015-2018
45% of volume increase
from online check-ins
1 in 4
1 in 4 patients made
a reservation in 2018
CareWell managed to stand out from the crowded urgent care market by offering patients a more robust mobile experience that offered them the option of skipping the waiting room by checking in online. Making convenience a key growth strategy by offering more locations and the ability to wait from home instead of the usual walk-in and wait scenario, increased patient volume dramatically. In the span of 3 years, volume rose by 200% with 45% of that increase due to online check-in patients. By the time 2018 rolled around, more and more patients were choosing CareWell for the option to check-in online with 25% of patients making online reservations for their care.
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