CareWell's bi-directional integration reduces work for staff and optimizes arrival times

By connecting a two-way interface, online check-in directly input patient arrivals into the EMR and automatically adjusted time slot availability based on real-time census.
17-campus urgent
care system
Massachusetts &
Rhode Island
CareWell wanted to reduce data entry, eliminate the need for staff to "live in two systems," and offer check-in times that accurately reflected surges via real-time census.
While some clinics had unexpected peaks in volume, registration staff needed to focus on patient-facing activity, not managing the online schedule.
More reservation slots were offered to patients, increasing the amount of online bookings from 10% to 24% of patient visits while staff workload was reduced.


CareWell, a growing urgent care system with 17+ clinics based in Massachusetts, was seeing great results using Check-in Express to bring in new patient volume and differentiate themselves from the crowd. However, their staff needed a more efficient way to schedule and receive online patients without having to use two programs at once. Meanwhile, because some of their clinics were dealing with unanticipated surges in patient volume, they were hesitant to offer many check-in times to patients for fear that they could not honor them due to longer than normal waits.


CareWell chose to update the online check-in process by utilizing a 2-way integration between their EHR, AthenaHealth, and the ER Express platform. This type of sync would allow changes to automatically update in either system. ER Express read the schedule from CareWell’s EHR and automatically made 40 to 50 micro-adjustments a day to create a more accurate online check-in schedule.

Reduced workload. Reliable adjustments.

With EHR integration, the CareWell registration staff no longer needed to make manual adjustments to the schedule whenever they became unexpectedly busy. They could now open up more time slots with the reassurance that the system was making auto adjustments based on the real-time patient census. Any time a new patient reservation was made online, staff no longer needed to check the ER Express control panel. Reservations would automatically appear in their EHR so no switching back and forth between systems was needed.


The bi-directional integration between ER Express and Athena mutually benefited both patients and staff. The more accurate treatment times and elimination of manual data entry gave CareWell's staff peace of mind and freed them up to focus more on patient care. For patients, having an optimized treatment time selection along with more times to choose from, gave them more of a reason to choose CareWell over the competition. In fact, after the integration, online bookings went from 10% to 24% of patient visits.
"ER Express is by far our best vendor out of all the (EMR) partners…they contribute to our overall success not only because of their Athena integration, but also and more importantly because of the attention and response they have consistently provided over the past 4-5 years..."
Nigel Jude | Director of IT
CareWell Urgent Care
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