Announcing: Our display board now comes with pre-installed online check-in ads


“Won’t patients in my lobby get mad when someone checks in at home and then shows up in the lobby?”

Many health systems face a psychological barrier to offering online check-in: “I know the patients who use it will love the convenience. But I’m afraid it will make all of my other patients mad because they think someone skipped the line.”

Our display board technology, which shows all patients in the lobby their place in line, now comes pre-loaded with a promotional ad that rotates in every 10 seconds.

This pre-installed ad:

  • Explains the online check-in service
  • Displays the health system’s URL for the landing page
  • Reflects each health system’s brand identity
  • Automatically displays as soon as you turn on the display board

This ad educates your patients on where they can find the online check-in option, helping to spread the word on its convenience. It also helps reduce the anxiety that walk-in patients may feel when they hear or see a patient enter the waiting room and announce “I made an online reservation.” It helps manage patient expectations and reduce the perception that other patients “skipped the line.”








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